Good Drawings Help in Drafting Good Patent Applications

Patents should be prepared with extreme care. While descriptions should be clear and unambiguous, imagery is just as critical. As we will discuss, patent drawings are an integral part of the process and should be considered with the same care as the rest of the patent application.

Accurate, clear drawings both strengthen and enhance any patent application. Instead of reams of description, an invention can be easily explained through the drawings themselves.

Patent examiners see hundreds of cases and are often overloaded. Accurate formal drawings will help the Patent and Trademark Office examiner understand your invention faster & clearly.

Whether you are pursuing an infringer or defending your patent, drawings can help & educate a judge and make your case clear. Simply, clear and accurate images will often help you win the day. In many jurisdictions, the jurors do not take trial exhibits to the jury room; however, they often will have a copy of the patent itself with the complete set of drawings. When deciding on what damages to pursue or if in settlement negotiations, a well-defined patent will enable the owner to negotiate for the best result possible. An early upfront investment in professionally prepared drawings may make an infringer think twice about copying an idea when the patent is clear and unambiguous. The earlier an infringer is deterred the better for the patent owner.

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